What you need

Your budgie’s cage is his home. You want to buy the biggest cage you can afford. It should have horizontal bars because budgies love to climb. It should also have a pull out tray on the bottom for easy cleaning. If the cage comes with plastic perches, throw them out and get wooden ones. Plastic is cold and hard on a birds feet. You can also make natural branch perches. Suitable tree types are birch, maple, oak, aspen, and unsprayed fruit trees. Don’t use evergreen trees because budgies like to chew and the resin in evergreen trees could be harmful.

You may be able to purchase a used cage from someone who used to have a bird. Be sure to thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry the cage before putting you new pet in it.

You will also need seed cups, a water silo, and some plastic clips for spray millet and fresh food. Make sure your budgie always has a cuttlebone in its cage as a calcium source.


The best place to put the cage is where the family spends its time. Budgies like to be in the middle of things. A living room or family room is usually the best place but avoid direct sunlight and draughts.