Budgies are primarily seed eaters but need a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. And also clean, fresh water at all times.

I feed a custom seed mix made by Ralph Moore & Sons (2009) seed company. I like the clean seed and the fact that they will mix up small batches of custom seed (500 pounds). My seed mix consists of:Feed_stand

  • 50% canary grass seed
  • 20% white proso millet
  • 15% Japanese millet
  • 10% yellow proso millet
  • 5% small golden millet

This seed mixture is available to the birds at all times and makes a good basic diet.

The basic diet is supplemented with spray millet, soft food, and some fresh fruits and vegetables. I also provide cuttlebones, grit, and iodine mineral blocks.