A bird room was built in the basement of my home in 2007, with enough room for 80 budgies. The room is 18 feet long by 11 feet wide. Why? Because that’s the space I had.

The bird room includes eight breeding cages, two baby flight cages, eight holding and stock cages, and two full height flights that measure 9 feet long by 4 feet wide by 6 feet high each. The all wire cages were custom made by Grandview Rabbitry.

In the full sized flights, I use wood shavings on the floor and clean weekly. The cages use newspaper in the trays and those are changed daily.


I made wooden nest boxes that hang on the side of the breeding cages. The boxes are 8 inches wide by 9 inches long by 8 inches tall. Plastic inserts are used in the wooden shells to hold the wood pellets and shavings that the hens lay eggs on. This system is very hygienic and allows the inserts to be changed quickly without overly stressing the hen. This means that chicks stay clean.








I have a sink with hot and cold running water. I consider this a must for convenience and ensures that fresh water never becomes a chore.


And, of course, I have my EBF calendar.